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  June-July The Great Laptop Fire of 2017
Posted by: Verum - 07-01-2017, 04:09 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

With June now behind us, one of the quieter months of the year due to all the deadlines and exams you lovely people have been through, I hope you all did amazing and good luck to any results you're waiting on. Despite the hectic time for you all we still had an impressive 200 unique joins this month, which is amazing so thank you all.

During June we had an amazing 1,144 votes across the 4 voting options which is an outstanding amount for such a quiet month, that's a lot of keys spun on the crates, I hope you all got a chance to win something nice before the crate changes out after this post.

July Sale, throughout July there will be a 30% off everything sale, been thinking about picking up a rank to get access to them angel wings? Now's the time!

Additionally, starting now and ending Monday 3rd July, every purchase of a "Decorations" pack will come with a free booster, each pack will have a booster assigned to it but what one you get won't be revealed till it's been purchased, take your luck or ask others, see which ones you can work out. Great way to decorate your towns and get a little bonus experience at the same time.

We're still working on the progress to 1.12 but this has been slow due to The Great Laptop Fire of 2017 which I want to thank you all for, the money you raised to help me get a new computer just blew my mind, the building of the computer is still underway but has had a few setbacks with faulty parts, I will be sure to post up when we have it fully working.

Thank you all for your continued support and a big welcome to all the new players we've got recently, some outstanding additions to our lovely community, it's been a delight to see the Freakshow full of new names.

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  Staff Application
Posted by: doommmyy - 06-28-2017, 10:11 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - Replies (1)

Name: Thomas
In-game Name: doommmyy
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Time played: 940
Time Zone: UTC +00:00

Why i want to become a staff member:
I have spent the last few months religiously playing on this server almost exclusively, and after some consideration i have decided i would like to take on a more permanent and useful role in this community. There have been occasions where i have witnessed cheaters in action and players repeatedly abusing others with hate speech, some of these instances were in the absence of any staff members so it could not be stopped before it went too far, i would love to be able to be there to solve these occurrences as they happen in order to maintain the integrity of the family i'm proud to be a part of. Verdux Gaming is more than just a Minecraft server for me, both the server itself and the community that comes along with it are the two main reasons i get up in the morning.

Staff Experience:
Although i have never been a member of staff on any other server before, i feel like i have been carrying out a large part of the job that staff have for a long time already, i frequently help out and have come to be the person most people ask about problems and specific commands when higher powers are absent. 
Even though i have no experience i know how to use common sense, and i know being a staff member comes with a huge responsibility to not abuse the position, i know this fact as well as the consequences for failing to live up to the high standards that the current staff team are held to.

Experience with plugins:
Due to my extensive playtime i have become very familiar with most of the plugins used on the server, in most cases i can recite commands from memory, and as previously stated i have become a fountain of knowledge for many players, I feel this demonstrates the level at which i understand the current plugins in use.

Final comments:
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through my ramblings and I hope there are great things ahead of Verdux Gaming and the community that has been created from it.  Heart

P.S. Thank you James for letting me steal your application layout

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  Changelog 1.1.3
Posted by: Verum - 06-22-2017, 03:36 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

New Additions:
- Changed dark oak planks achievement to be all wood
- Added 7 new decoration packs to store

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed chat issue in PVP Arena - Yes, finally!
- Fixed splash/lingering potions not working in pvp arena
- Fix message announcements
- Fixed Lord_mevolents name not appearing in builder section
- Fixed issues with some custom commands
- Fixed an npc's skin that changed
- Fixed shops overwriting signs
- Fixed shops dropping items upon unrent
- Fixed pickaxe incorrect name in crates
- Changed builders chat colour
- Fixed auto tab complete issue
- Fixed way to get entire servers plugin list (security risk if left open)
- Updated 24 plugins so lots more fixes ontop of this.
- Message Verum code "1337" to get 5 crate keys, must be in private.

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  Guide to the world of Boosters
Posted by: DiamondDagger590 - 06-08-2017, 05:28 PM - Forum: Knowledgebase - No Replies

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
To all the new folk out there, this guide will cover the ins and outs of what you need to know in relation to the plugin Boosters. 
Basic Commands:
There are a few useful commands Booster provides, the first being simply /booster. This brings up a gui where you can view an item representing each of the three categories of boosters; vanilla, mcmmo, and jobs. If you click on one of the items, it will bring you to a second gui which will have the item you clicked on representing a "normal" booster and a lucky block representing a "lucky" one. (We will cover the difference later). Hover over one to view how many you own, and if you want to go back, simply hit the back button.To activate one, click the icon, and then in the next gui confirm it. There can be one of each of the three categories of boosters active at once. 

The second command we will cover is /booster time. This is a gui that looks very similar to the first one. What this gui does is tell you if a booster is activated or not, and the duration + owner (and in the case of a lucky booster, whatever is the lucky thing) whenever you hover over it. The duration + owner (and lucky) part is also included in /booster for those who don't feel like typing the extra word.

The third command is /booster thank. There are a few times you will always be alerted to a booster being activated, when it is first activated and 30 seconds following you logging in. After the activation, you will receive a reminder every 15 minutes if you have yet to thank for that booster. You can click the green "thank" in the message to thank for each individual booster, or do /booster thank to thank all boosters at once. By thanking, you receive exp you can later redeem. The exp you get for mcmmo is in relation to your power level (the sum of all your skill levels), for jobs your total job level (sum of all job levels), and vanilla is your number of advanced achievements viewable by /aach list. Whenever you thank, the booster owner gets the same amount of exp as you did, making it most profitable to activate boosters during a busy time period.

The next command is /booster exp. This basic command tells you how much experience you have in each of the three categories. To redeem the exp, do /booster exp {skill/job/vanilla} {amount}, replacing skill with the mcmmo skill you want the exp to go to and job with the job you want the exp to go to. Please note you must be in a job to redeem exp for it.

Difference between Lucky and Normal:
Normal boosters are available for a lower price in the shop than their lucky counter part. These boosters give you 3 times experience: for mcmmo you will get triple exp in all skills, vanilla will make all mobs and ores drop triple exp (excluding the ender dragon), and jobs will give three times exp and double money. They last for 3 hours.

Lucky boosters are a bit more expensive but they are well worth the extra cash. The first difference is an extra 2 hours in duration, giving you 5 hours of triple exp. But what makes them most unique is the "lucky" feature. A lucky mob, skill, or job (corresponding to the booster type) will be chosen at random (only certain mobs can be lucky) and that will give 5 times experience, making it a fun race for those custom enchants, /mctop or leveling a bit in your profession. 

If there was anything I did not cover or was unclear, please let me know and I will address it!
Thanks for reading, Diamond.

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  Changelog 1.1.2
Posted by: Verum - 06-07-2017, 04:05 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

This one will have a mix of previous stuff I never added or put in a changelog

New additions: 
- Tutorial area for new players
- New "Verums crate"
- /shop will now open a gui so you can browse all shops and items for sale, note you still need to visit the shop to buy.
- Lots of pre-planned 1.12 plugin updates
- Increase town plot buy limit to 150

Bug Fixes: 
- Fix 10,000 gold block achievement message mistake
- Reduced tear reward from 8 to 6
- Fixed Discord bot not assigning roles
- Fixed boosters reminder message sending when already thanked
- Fixed incorrect booster discord message
- Performance improvements
- Fixed some achievement exploits

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Information Look back and month ahead - May to June
Posted by: Verum - 05-31-2017, 09:59 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As we say goodbye to May and hello to June I want to provide you all with a little update on what's been going on at the server and what we have planned for the month ahead, along with some statistics that makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

In May we've had over 200 unique accounts logging into the server, around 70% of which are returning players. So a big welcome to all the new players and thank you to the ones that have been here longer and keep coming back. During this time there was a total of 1,417 votes across our 4 voting sites which equals to 7,085 crate keys being given out to our lovely players. We're also proud to say the server had a 99.8% uptime throughout the month, most downtime was due to the frequent maintenance breaks we hold to fix issues and add new features, which is always done during the quietest time of the day.

Our top player of the month goes out to Doommmyy who played a total of 329 hours, that's 329 keys simply from being on the server and he voted daily totalling around 620 keys, giving him a whopping 949 keys to spend, so close to that 1,000 mark Doomy, maybe next month. As a thank you for your dedication and activity throughout this month we'll be gifting you 1 of each lucky booster. 

To kick off the month ahead, we're changing the "Verdux crate" and replacing it with "Verums crate" which is hand picked rewards from the Owner to spice things up a bit, this crate will be available throughout June so make sure to check out the rewards when it goes live on June 1st.

In June we're looking to hopefully fix some issues lingering around the server such as the anti-cheat falling bug and the pvp arena chat bug, we're well aware that it can be annoying and we're working hard to get it fixed for you all, thank you for your patience with this.

Advertising will also be commencing soon to help drive in some new players. I know you've all been eager to invite some new players to your town so you can claim more land and build your own little community, on top of that you may have seen our poll on increasing the buy-able claims, due to the voting being relatively split on what you would like we have decided that it will be best to meet a middle ground increasing the buy-able limit from 50 to 150, note there is still a possibility of a further increase in the future. 

As some of you may be aware, Minecraft 1.12 is just around the corner and I can confirm we will be upgrading the server to 1.12 but when this will happen is unknown, we need to make sure all our plugins work before we upgrade, so there's no set date for this but don't worry, it will happen!

Additionally we will be adding more stuff to the store soon, a bunch of new decoration packs and disguise packs will be coming and perhaps even some bulk deals to save you a bit of money. 

Thank you all for your continued support, you make this community so great and I really enjoy the friendly welcome that all our new players are getting. I can safely say we have the best community on Minecraft and it just keeps on growing. I look forward to the month ahead with you all!

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  Count to 1,000
Posted by: Verum - 05-15-2017, 02:03 PM - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (8)

By request I'm re-adding the count to 1,000 game.

Rules are simple, help each other count to 1,000, you're not allowed to post 2 times in a row, if a number is skipped a staff member is allowed to take it back to that point and all numbers said before become void.

If you just want to play rather than coming up with something silly for the word count to post, feel free to copy/paste this after your number

"The word count is my friend, the word count protects me, I can trust the word count, do you trust the word count?"

I will get you all started


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  50% off everything - ends 1st June
Posted by: Verum - 05-12-2017, 06:09 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

One of our biggest sales yet, get 50% off everything in store.

Get boosters for as little as $1.60 each.
Get Decoration packages for $2.50
Get disguise packs for as little as $2.50
Lifetime ranks for $20

Ends 1st June!

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  bank mending
Posted by: LobitoGamingTv - 05-12-2017, 10:47 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Probably not a possibility but still.. its a cool concept.
What if there would be a /bank option where you can use the stored experience to repair mending tools?

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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: Zed_Man13 - 05-08-2017, 03:30 PM - Forum: Ban Appeal - Replies (2)

I did use an X-ray texture pack and I apologize for it. You had the complete right to ban me and I deserved it. I also do not deserve to be allowed back on the server but I had such a great time playing with my friends on the towny and meeting the amazing people on the server. I have deleted the texture pack and I am just asking if you would unban me. I completely understand if you say no, and if you do say no I will not contact you anymore about unbanning me. It's just I had such a great time and the other towny servers are kind of boring and there are so many people it isn't fun. This server had a great sense of community, and all of the staff and moderators were really kind. Except you of course.  [Image: heart.png] [Image: wink.png] 

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