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  Staff Application-December 2017
Posted by: blueloving - Yesterday, 06:44 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

Basic layout taken from James and changed up a little bit, but thanks to him!

Name: Sheila
In-game Name: blueloving
Age: 20 (soon to be 21 woo)
Gender: Female
Time played: Approximately 385 hours
Time Zone: UTC -06:00

Reason(s) For Applying:
One of the main reasons I have been enjoying Verdux as much as I have for this long is because of the wonderful community and people within it. I am currently a college student and working towards my degree, but I have found this server to be a really great place for me to spend my free time and just relax. After everything it has done for me, I would like to give back and help the community in whatever way that I can, and I feel as if being a staff member would be a good opportunity to pursue that.

Plugin Experience:
This is the first community I have been a part of in which plugins have been a large part of it, but I feel as if I have managed to learn and adjust fairly quickly. Much of my initial playtime especially has been periods of time where it was just myself and one other person consistently online and we would be answering people's questions regarding different commands and plugins that we were familiar with. I have also donated some of my old computer science textbooks to DiamondDagger590 and helped him as much as I could in terms of what I remember from programming in high school.

Final comments:
Thank you so much for your time and consideration! I have a lot on my plate in the coming years as I pursue my research and my education, though it really is a lot less than what I have managed in the past, but this community and server have welcomed me so completely that I want to see it grow and progress in the future and be a contributing factor in it doing so.

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  Changelog 1.4.2
Posted by: Verum - 12-13-2017, 05:44 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies


IB Theme - Desert
Build your own desert colony with this stylish but simple theme, perfect for those that love a little sand under their feet.

IB Theme - Christmas
Ho Ho Ho, get festive this season and decorate your town with our festive designs, this is not a practical theme and entirely used for decoration purposes, it will be disabled after the holidays. This theme has no cost and greatly reduced builds time, with builds taking between 15-30 minutes upon build start.

note - Viewing areas should be set up later in week, not had chance to do this.


- Removed playtimerewards plugin that gave the hourly keys, temp replacement in place currently.
- Fixed some CC bugs
- Improved performance

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  Changelog 1.4.1 - CE Balance
Posted by: Verum - 11-28-2017, 05:38 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

Nether has been reset, use caution going there using any homes or outposts, it may not be safe.

- Ender crystal griefing issue
- Furnace duplication bug

CE Changelog:

CE Level limits and values:

I highly recommend you giving the above links a look over if you're a user of CE.

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  Changelog 1.4.0
Posted by: Verum - 11-21-2017, 05:08 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies


Upgradeble furnaces
You can now upgrade your furnaces to make them more efficient, they will get more out of fuel, produce more resources (so get 2 iron ingots from 1 ore) and work faster, up to 50% faster at that.

You can upgrade your furnaces in two ways, one is simply by paying money or you can smelt iron ore in the furnace to have it upgrade, there are 10 levels to a furnace in total, each one increasing the reward, fuel efficiency and speed.

Now you may also smelt tools and such to get resources back off them, so for example if you smelt a diamond sword you will get 2 diamonds from it.


How do I upgrade my furnace?
  - Simply left click the furnace to open its gui here you can see it's current level, progress on upgrading and cost to outright upgrade the furnace.

Can I mix up and so some by money and some by smelting?
  - Yes, you can do level 1-2 by smelting then pay to upgrade straight away to level 3 if you wish.

Can I pick up my furnace?
  - Yes, you can pick up and move your furnace, it will keep it's level and smelting progress

Are upgrades for all furnaces I own?
  - No, they are for that single furnace, each one is unique

Can I trade them to other players?
  - Yes you can, they will trade safely over /ah and playershops while keeping the smelt progress and level, side note for playershops each furnace will require it's own shop, so not ideal, auctions are much better.

I keep trying to destroy my furnace but can't?
 - due to left click opening the gui, you need to use a pickaxe to pick up the furnace

why can't I smelt X to get resources back?
  - If you'd like something added leave a suggestion, we can add custom recipes.


- Fixed chat spam issues with commands/messages
- MA leave wasn't working correctly
- "can't open that here" message when using crate in spawn fixed

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  Staff App
Posted by: MouldyWolf - 11-18-2017, 05:54 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

Time Zone: GMT
time putting into server: 3+H

Why I want to be staff:I would like to become a staff member because I love helping people and making them enjoy their Minecraft experience, as staff of my first few servers I played on were helping and supportive towards me, I think that's why I am able to be playing today.

MY experiance: I have been admin on 4 servers which is why I think I could be here today!

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  Changelog 1.3.1
Posted by: Verum - 11-15-2017, 01:04 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

Bug fixes:
- Fixed chat spam issues
- Fixed command spam issues
- Performance tweaks

Mob Arena changes:
- Removed 2 tall grass from arena
- Fixed Arena name
- Disabled auto spectate (caused some teleport issues)
- Fixed some arena safe spots
- Enabled mob scaling health (dependant on player count)

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  Changelog 1.3
Posted by: Verum - 11-08-2017, 11:36 PM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

New additions:

Mob Arena:
You can now play Mob Arena on the server, this is considered in Beta, changes will be coming frequently to balance and update the arena, to start Shop is disabled but you can earn coins, in time weapon upgrades, food, potions etc.. will be added. Item durability is disabled also, that will be turned on when shop does. 

Players can now fly on the server using the new flights plugin, simply /expfly to turn it on, note getting in combat will disable fly, it will cost you experience to fly, the cost is reduced at Knight and Lord ranks.

This is a fairly new plugin, please report any issues you experience.

IB viewing lobby:
There is now an easily accessible area for IB themes and information, simply /warp IB.

All VIP's and MVP's can now /sit anywhere they want, it's not limited to steps

Bug fixes:

- Incorrect town taxes command displayed in /help
- Missing IB permissions


- Given permission to /ping
- Disabled lightning for now

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  Changelog 1.2 - It's been a while
Posted by: Verum - 10-19-2017, 04:52 AM - Forum: Changelog - No Replies

Not done a changelog in a while but here's a list of bugs that have been fixed lately

- Fixed Anti-cheat fall issue - pretty confident.
- Fixed Elevators in spawn
- Knight and Watchman bow in wrong order
- Knight spade too weak
- Players able to change spawners with eggs
- Repaired items going to 1 durability
- Broken hourly cratekeys
- Broken playtime
- Piston griefing in playershops
- Town chat format wrong
- /Town add not in help menu
- Removed creeper rollback from tutorial
- Incorrect command in mcmmo tutorial
- Updated particles in help menu to correct command
- Pets not in rank guis
- VIP/MVP Npcs broken
- Buying bonus claims not in help gui
- ec command not working
- removed wood achievement
- Fixed lore name issues with playershops

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  Application for Staff/Mod/Builder
Posted by: The_Deadly_Mango - 10-06-2017, 07:38 AM - Forum: Staff Applications - Replies (2)

Name: Michael
Age: 21
Username: The_Deadly_Mango
Requested Position: Mod/Builder(?)

My Experience:
I have been an avid Minecraft player and community member for about 6 years, almost as long as it's been out. A lot of my building skills and style comes from building communities like FyreUK, and the like, but a lot of self-taught things too. The last server I was a frequent visitor of, I was a moderator, and a good friend of the owner, Joe. I don't know if you can find any information about it, It's been down for over a year. On SulphurCraft(the name of the old server) we used Towney, and MCmmo, so other than the changes and updates since then, I'm pretty familiar with the plugins.

My Personality:
As a general rule, I'd say I'm a fairly friendly person, and I won't show anyone uncalled for attitude, or rudeness, unless of course called for, and I'll always lend a hand to those in need when possible. Fair warning, though I do joke a lot. I really do mean it to be benign, And I will stay my tongue if any of my jokes offend anyone. Overall, I will be friendly to those who show me the same courtesy, and I'll come to the admins or the owner with problems before I try to take actions into my own hands.

I would like to join the ranks of this server because I am an avid fan of minecraft, and server communities, and from the little time I've spent on this server, I can tell that all of you share that passion, a sense of comradery that heralds back to the good old days of minecraft, like back in the 1.2.5 days. Do you remember how revolutionary half slabs were? and how all the different types used to just have the stone sound effect. (I don't know why the sound effect erked me so much lol). I digress, Thank you to whomever reads this, and I hope you consider me for any position on this server you think I'll be a fit for.

PS: Verum, if you're reading this, check out my finished house. It might not be overly impressive, but it's pretty good for dying without a set pawn point twice and wandering trying to find it for 20 minutes lmao

PPS: If you would like any visual proof, I have screenshots I can send via email of some things I've built

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  The 1.12.1 update - Introducing InstaBuild
Posted by: Verum - 10-03-2017, 07:17 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

So this update has been long coming now but we've finally updated the server to 1.12.1 and it comes with something truly special, InstaBuild. Our Unique one of a kind plugin custom coded by our very own dev DiamondDagger590.

In this update we've restructured a lot of the backend of the server, changing our permissions plugin to the more reliable pex which has allowed me to add an in-game rank system which you will see upon login.

IB is our unique plugin that will allow all players to make the town of their dreams, catored towards those of you who may not have the best building skills or even the patience to do it, you can form entire towns with minimal block placement.

How it works:
IB uses chunks to place down builds, press F3+G to see the chunk dimensions, it will paste perfectly within the chunk, with us being a Towny server we've also made it so you need to be in a Town to use IB.

Simply use the command "/ib" to open our easy to use gui, pick your theme, pick your build and say a direction you want the build to face. Then a chest will be placed down in the chunk and from here you'll need to collect supplies and put them in the chest, simply left click the chest to see what's remaining.

Once all supplies have been collected the build will begin to paste, you will be unable to edit blocks within the builds region during this time and I suggest you don't afk in that chunk.

Once the build has finished pasting you will be able to edit and decorate it as you please, it will be just like any other build from then on.

/ib - opens the gui to place a build
/ib view player (name) - View all current builds you have going, with co-ords. Also able to cancel any builds you don't want (will not refund money)
/ib ban theme (theme) - For mayors only, ban a theme from being used in your town

Take note, IB is considered in Beta, there may be issues and bugs, please report them on our Discord or Forums, use at your own risk.

New rank system:
Everyone starts out as a "Newcomer" even our long-term vets and staff, from here you will need to meet certain requirements to rank up, this will be your playtime, power level (mcmmo) and distance travelled. Once you meet all requirements there is an in-game cost to ranking up, this increases from rank to rank but don't worry, all statistics from your previous sessions is included in these stats, so you may already be able to advance a good amount.

Each time you rank up you will gain new benefits, be this sethomes, more auction slots, higher IB limit or even new kits. There may be more benefits added in the future.

New Elevators:
Our old elevators plugin stopped working with 1.12.1 and even on 1.11 it was causing issues, due to this we've switched out to a new plugin, all players will need to redo their elevators to the new format which can be found in "/warp tutorial" but basically it requires 1 Iron block and 1 Redstone block, the redstone on the bottom and Iron directly ontop of it for each floor you wish to have. 

New crate:
We've added the "Doomite" crate to the server for this month, this was custom selected by our Mod Doommmyy and balanced by myself. This crate utilises a quick open style, so you can open crates as quick or slow as you like, note they need to be opened from spawn, can't do it anywhere else.

We've added Dynmap to the server, an external map opened in your browser, allows you to see all town locations and players without even being online, track how big your town looks compared to others.


Dynmap custom icons/colours:
Within next week i'll be opening a thread to take custom requests from town Mayors to change the colours of how their town is displayed on Dynmap, there will be certain requirements for your town to determine what you can have changed, these will be posted in the thread.

What's next:
We've laid a lot of groundwork for more additions and from here on out you will see regular updates to the server, be it new plugins, areas, builds/themes, events etc... the future is bright and we have some amazing ideas just like IB in the works.

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