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The 1.12.1 update - Introducing InstaBuild
So this update has been long coming now but we've finally updated the server to 1.12.1 and it comes with something truly special, InstaBuild. Our Unique one of a kind plugin custom coded by our very own dev DiamondDagger590.

In this update we've restructured a lot of the backend of the server, changing our permissions plugin to the more reliable pex which has allowed me to add an in-game rank system which you will see upon login.

IB is our unique plugin that will allow all players to make the town of their dreams, catored towards those of you who may not have the best building skills or even the patience to do it, you can form entire towns with minimal block placement.

How it works:
IB uses chunks to place down builds, press F3+G to see the chunk dimensions, it will paste perfectly within the chunk, with us being a Towny server we've also made it so you need to be in a Town to use IB.

Simply use the command "/ib" to open our easy to use gui, pick your theme, pick your build and say a direction you want the build to face. Then a chest will be placed down in the chunk and from here you'll need to collect supplies and put them in the chest, simply left click the chest to see what's remaining.

Once all supplies have been collected the build will begin to paste, you will be unable to edit blocks within the builds region during this time and I suggest you don't afk in that chunk.

Once the build has finished pasting you will be able to edit and decorate it as you please, it will be just like any other build from then on.

/ib - opens the gui to place a build
/ib view player (name) - View all current builds you have going, with co-ords. Also able to cancel any builds you don't want (will not refund money)
/ib ban theme (theme) - For mayors only, ban a theme from being used in your town

Take note, IB is considered in Beta, there may be issues and bugs, please report them on our Discord or Forums, use at your own risk.

New rank system:
Everyone starts out as a "Newcomer" even our long-term vets and staff, from here you will need to meet certain requirements to rank up, this will be your playtime, power level (mcmmo) and distance travelled. Once you meet all requirements there is an in-game cost to ranking up, this increases from rank to rank but don't worry, all statistics from your previous sessions is included in these stats, so you may already be able to advance a good amount.

Each time you rank up you will gain new benefits, be this sethomes, more auction slots, higher IB limit or even new kits. There may be more benefits added in the future.

New Elevators:
Our old elevators plugin stopped working with 1.12.1 and even on 1.11 it was causing issues, due to this we've switched out to a new plugin, all players will need to redo their elevators to the new format which can be found in "/warp tutorial" but basically it requires 1 Iron block and 1 Redstone block, the redstone on the bottom and Iron directly ontop of it for each floor you wish to have. 

New crate:
We've added the "Doomite" crate to the server for this month, this was custom selected by our Mod Doommmyy and balanced by myself. This crate utilises a quick open style, so you can open crates as quick or slow as you like, note they need to be opened from spawn, can't do it anywhere else.

We've added Dynmap to the server, an external map opened in your browser, allows you to see all town locations and players without even being online, track how big your town looks compared to others.


Dynmap custom icons/colours:
Within next week i'll be opening a thread to take custom requests from town Mayors to change the colours of how their town is displayed on Dynmap, there will be certain requirements for your town to determine what you can have changed, these will be posted in the thread.

What's next:
We've laid a lot of groundwork for more additions and from here on out you will see regular updates to the server, be it new plugins, areas, builds/themes, events etc... the future is bright and we have some amazing ideas just like IB in the works.

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