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Application for Staff/Mod/Builder
Name: Michael
Age: 21
Username: The_Deadly_Mango
Requested Position: Mod/Builder(?)

My Experience:
I have been an avid Minecraft player and community member for about 6 years, almost as long as it's been out. A lot of my building skills and style comes from building communities like FyreUK, and the like, but a lot of self-taught things too. The last server I was a frequent visitor of, I was a moderator, and a good friend of the owner, Joe. I don't know if you can find any information about it, It's been down for over a year. On SulphurCraft(the name of the old server) we used Towney, and MCmmo, so other than the changes and updates since then, I'm pretty familiar with the plugins.

My Personality:
As a general rule, I'd say I'm a fairly friendly person, and I won't show anyone uncalled for attitude, or rudeness, unless of course called for, and I'll always lend a hand to those in need when possible. Fair warning, though I do joke a lot. I really do mean it to be benign, And I will stay my tongue if any of my jokes offend anyone. Overall, I will be friendly to those who show me the same courtesy, and I'll come to the admins or the owner with problems before I try to take actions into my own hands.

I would like to join the ranks of this server because I am an avid fan of minecraft, and server communities, and from the little time I've spent on this server, I can tell that all of you share that passion, a sense of comradery that heralds back to the good old days of minecraft, like back in the 1.2.5 days. Do you remember how revolutionary half slabs were? and how all the different types used to just have the stone sound effect. (I don't know why the sound effect erked me so much lol). I digress, Thank you to whomever reads this, and I hope you consider me for any position on this server you think I'll be a fit for.

PS: Verum, if you're reading this, check out my finished house. It might not be overly impressive, but it's pretty good for dying without a set pawn point twice and wandering trying to find it for 20 minutes lmao

PPS: If you would like any visual proof, I have screenshots I can send via email of some things I've built
Hey Mango, a nice application you've put in. If you have any pictures of builds you've done in the past feel free to pm me them on Discord, I'm always looking for more builders. As for joining the staff team as a Mod, I will forward my staffs attention to this thread.
You did not make a staff position at this time, thanks for applying.

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