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Changelog 1.3
New additions:

Mob Arena:
You can now play Mob Arena on the server, this is considered in Beta, changes will be coming frequently to balance and update the arena, to start Shop is disabled but you can earn coins, in time weapon upgrades, food, potions etc.. will be added. Item durability is disabled also, that will be turned on when shop does. 

Players can now fly on the server using the new flights plugin, simply /expfly to turn it on, note getting in combat will disable fly, it will cost you experience to fly, the cost is reduced at Knight and Lord ranks.

This is a fairly new plugin, please report any issues you experience.

IB viewing lobby:
There is now an easily accessible area for IB themes and information, simply /warp IB.

All VIP's and MVP's can now /sit anywhere they want, it's not limited to steps

Bug fixes:

- Incorrect town taxes command displayed in /help
- Missing IB permissions


- Given permission to /ping
- Disabled lightning for now

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