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Changelog 1.4.0

Upgradeble furnaces
You can now upgrade your furnaces to make them more efficient, they will get more out of fuel, produce more resources (so get 2 iron ingots from 1 ore) and work faster, up to 50% faster at that.

You can upgrade your furnaces in two ways, one is simply by paying money or you can smelt iron ore in the furnace to have it upgrade, there are 10 levels to a furnace in total, each one increasing the reward, fuel efficiency and speed.

Now you may also smelt tools and such to get resources back off them, so for example if you smelt a diamond sword you will get 2 diamonds from it.


How do I upgrade my furnace?
  - Simply left click the furnace to open its gui here you can see it's current level, progress on upgrading and cost to outright upgrade the furnace.

Can I mix up and so some by money and some by smelting?
  - Yes, you can do level 1-2 by smelting then pay to upgrade straight away to level 3 if you wish.

Can I pick up my furnace?
  - Yes, you can pick up and move your furnace, it will keep it's level and smelting progress

Are upgrades for all furnaces I own?
  - No, they are for that single furnace, each one is unique

Can I trade them to other players?
  - Yes you can, they will trade safely over /ah and playershops while keeping the smelt progress and level, side note for playershops each furnace will require it's own shop, so not ideal, auctions are much better.

I keep trying to destroy my furnace but can't?
 - due to left click opening the gui, you need to use a pickaxe to pick up the furnace

why can't I smelt X to get resources back?
  - If you'd like something added leave a suggestion, we can add custom recipes.


- Fixed chat spam issues with commands/messages
- MA leave wasn't working correctly
- "can't open that here" message when using crate in spawn fixed

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