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Changelog 1.4.3 - Further CE balances
Bug Fixes
  • Incorrect Christmas starter road

  • Hourly keys not giving
  • Towny gui incorrect set homeblock command

Scrambler Changes:
  • The odds for all books when using scrambler are 80-95% success and 10-15% destroy. Whenever one obtains a book, the odds may be outside of this range. This range only applies when using the Grand Scrambler.
  • The scrambler has been lowered to $2500 instead of $5000 in order to make it easier for new players to obtain items but still make them worth something.
GUI Changes:
  • Common books now cost 30 levels again in order to make it easier for newer players to obtain.
  • Rare books now cost 55 instead of 60 levels to make them slightly easier to obtain.
  • Legendary books will remain as they are since they are more for the higher level players and thus those players are more likely to have the resources needed to obtain said enchantments.
Enchantment Changes:
  • Implants now will only activate when you have less than 4 hunger bars. This is to make food a needed item again. With 4 hunger you can still run and such without needing food but will need to eat in order to heal damage.
  • Nursery now will only activate when you have less than 7 hearts. This is to prevent a Nursery + Implants combination to bypass the previously mentioned reasons
  • Implants is now once again a Common and Rare enchantment as the effect has been massively nerfed.
  • The max level of Implants has been restored to 5 to increase the chance of activation as it now has a limit to how high it can feed you.
Diamond Crate:
  • Added a more enchant oriented crate for a month. Reintroduces angelic dust (only way to obtain) which increases the success rate. 
  • Introduces Lost Books. These can be won from the Diamond Crate and when one ‘cleans’ it, it will contain a random enchantment from the category of whatever book it is.
  • Protection Crystals were also added! Extremely rare item that allows an item to come back to you when you respawn after death. One time use only when a polygon so choose carefully! Save the master pick or an amazing chest plate? You decide. (Item loses its protection after it has came back once)
  • Introduces the first one time reward! A set of Crazy Enchantment items! You get 5 angelic dust of 10%, 5 fixing dust of 10%,  and a protection crystal!
  • Most of the Diamonds gear has a low power common custom enchantment in order to make them a little more special and fit with the crates theme


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