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What is your texture/resourcepack?
Hi there!

I am always looking for awesome packs. So let me know, what resource / texture pack are you using and why?
im using conquest myself , , cause im going for a medieval /fantasy style and i love how it looks with optifine (connected textures).
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i use faithful 32x32 because i dont like texture packs that overly change the look of minecraft, but i do use sphax pure bdcraft sometimes
I personally use Minecraft HD 64x64, same as Alex I don't like ones that change the look of Minecraft too much, so simply adding more detail is what I'm after Tongue
I like using Dragon's Dance, Its quite old and hasn't been updated in a while.
Personally i tried a few out and i didnt really like many of them in the end i landed with John Smith Legacy and ive stuck with it ever since. never had a problem and i like the basic and subtle effects that have been added, particularly the sun/moon rise/set.
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for the sky i actually use affinity hd skies... its sooooooooooooo amazing.
No guts, no glory. No legend, no story!
The texture pack is the best one since it gives a clear look for everyone, so no weird block textures or structures would be visable.
It's called the vanilla texture pack.
It's automaticly downloaded.
Have a nice day, JonasTD
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I use the 1.9 strauberry jam pack xD Im going to pay someone to update it in the future
I use Faithful HD. Looks great while being loyal to the default textures.
I actually tried this the other day after using random other packs for ages. I like it a lot!

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