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Changelog 1.4.4
  • Removed /Expfly

  • Added /tfly

  • Added /wild alias for /rtp
  • Added Miner as default job for new players
  • Added warp signs under NPC's in /warp IB due to some issues with NPC commands not firing efficiently
  • Disabled Auction announcements in chat for bought, bidding currently remains but may be disabled too.
  Added Townyfly to the server, this will allow you to fly for free when within your own town, simply type /tfly to activate it. if you leave your town while flying it will disable fly but you won't take fall damage (At least shouldn't, let me know if you do)

Bug fixes:
  • Allowed players to do /playtime
  • /wb not working due to worldborder
  • Townygui homeblock not working
  • Disabled MobArenas own chat, wasn't intended yet, may be enabled if our playerbase grows
  • Given James deodorant, should help the smell.
  • 1 second blindness removed when clicking stuff in TownyGUI
  • Fixing dust incorrectly displayed price, did take correct amount when bought

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