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Changelog 1.5.0 - Booster rework
Valentines sale, 50% off till 22nd February

  • Switch Booster
  • Booster redeem GUI
  • Job specific boost
  • Valentines head packs
  • Flowers head pack
  • Booster Discord channel
Switch Booster
Introducing the latest Booster to our collection, the Switch booster, this is a 6 hour long booster that changes every 2 hours. It picks between Vanilla, McMMO and Jobs, then picks a lucky thing in that section, then for the next 2 hours that is boosted. The interesting thing about Switch boosters is the fact they can stack ontop of other boosters aswell as be thanked each time they change.

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Normal: x3
Normal + Normal Switch: x4.5
Normal + Lucky Switch: x6
Lucky + Normal Switch: x6.5
Lucky + Lucky Switch: x8
Booster redeem GUI
We now have a new GUI to make redeeming your experience easier, simply "/booster redeem" to open it, it pretty much explains itself.

Job specific boost
All players lucky job is now chosen from the list of Jobs you're currently in, this way it ensures the booster is always useful to you. Note, if you're not in any jobs, it defaults to Miner.

Valentines head packs
Limited edition Valentines head packs now available in store, they will be available till end of February, even a little wedding pack in there.

Flower head pack
New flower head pack in store, this pack contains 70 flower heads!

Booster Discord channel
We have now separated the booster messages into their own channel under "Information", you can minimise that tab and it'll only pop up when there's new messages, so you can easily see when a booster is active.

Various bug fixes, happy days.

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