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Event suggestions
Since there has been talks in chat about server wide events, i was thinking what would be cool events?
PVP tournament has already been named but i was also thinking about some more and maybe even original events.
So go ahead and post your server event suggestions here.

Ill start it off :

Firework show:
Have a big fireshow at a certain time that people can watch. This could be a really cool thing to set up and the owner could actually select people to set up a show for others to see?
Time? : could be daily, weekly, monthly or even just once.

Build battle:
Simply put... a buildbattle. Have big plots and a theme and give the top 3 fabulous priiiiiiiizes!
Time?: prolly monthly although you do not want to overdo it. Runtime no longer than a week id say.

Maze runner:
Have people log on at the same time and run through a huge intricate maze! first one out is the winner!
Time? : prolly just once a year since people might know where to go and thus have a unfair disadvantage.

live quickbuildchallenge.
Have people battle it out in the stadium while others watch in the stadium seating area.
quickbuild will have a random theme and two or more builders will do their best with theme provided within 15 minutes.
After that the audience will vote by placing colored wool at the builder they think did best.
Time? : Since you will also need the audience, i suggest doing it at least monthly. But if its populair why not more often?
Apllications for quickbuild could be on the forum?

PVP Free for all:
Last man standing basically. you could even do it hunger games style? Winner wins huge prizes
Time?: could be weekly or monthly depending on player base.

PVP War.
Have two captains select a team of soldiers to go to battle with.
You could have a subforum or just a thread for the captains to recruit and trashtalk (all in good fun offc) and fight it out at a set time in the pvp arena or custom warzone. Its all about bragging rights here.
Time?: not too often. id say once every half year would be cool and adds a climax.

Ultimate Parkour:
Have a really difficult huge parkour and first person to make it wins!
Time: same as the maze

Gotta Catch em all:
Hide pokeballs over the world that players need to collect. The player with the most pokeballs after a set time wins!
Time: could be all year with a weekly or monthly payout in prizes?

Drop party:
Basic event. owner drops fun and epic stuff from them skies yo!
Time: could do like a set amount of players = drop party. e.g. 50 players online, congrats!drop party time!

The Horde:
Spawn hundreds and hundreds of zombies in the world. (maybe a good idea to turn of stacking for that Tongue) Also have it permanently night during the event.
Everyone going outside should be wary, there are zombies everywhere. The payoff is in the exp, items and offc experience. You never know where and when the horde will appear but its not safe to go out alone.
Time?: id say monthly.

Have a custom made area which is filled to the brim with spawners of all variety's but also with loads of chests containing epic loot. Make it so you need at least 4 people to go in. You could also scale it to like groups of ten or even more.
Time? : this could actually be a consistant thing. since people need to get warbands together it wont be easily exploited.
No guts, no glory. No legend, no story!
Maybe the quick builds one in the stadium can have rounds with different themes.
Some interesting ideas, certainly take them into consideration.
any additions anyone?
maybe like a roleplay event for a day?
No guts, no glory. No legend, no story!
Abba caving:
Doommmyy, blue, mekowey and I all did one together last night and it was amazing. A group event one could be quite fun
A video of Hbomb94 doing abba caving, he begins to explain the concept around the one minute mark
Something I know blue has wanted to do for a long time and something I find enjoyable

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