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Town photographs!
Hey guys!

Thought it'd be nice to see everyone's towns in photographs, so made a thread here to do so.

When replying, you'll see an add image icon. 
It's URL only but a lot of us use LightShot and then url's can be linked that way, via right click and 'Copy Image Address' Smile Or other sites such as imgur, flikr, etc

Retro Mews Town: Always a work in progress but here's ours right now ^_^ 

[Image: 8c8f3894bafc43fbb73c42ef52cc2907.png]

[Image: 7db05d42611f48d08fe4573db8291c72.png]

Look forward to seeing everyone else's and hope you do too! <3
          [Image: spikey__ych__by_kingfalleny-db1cqvy.png]
 ~Mayor of Retro Mews~  
cool topic jade

Goldwick main town Hall
[Image: 2017-03-16_16.38.27_zpspar1pl4z.png]

With its entrance hallway
[Image: 2017-03-16_16.35.43_zps46nxe0fd.png]

And the Red road outside for starting members toward our community warehouse
[Image: 2017-03-16_16.37.50_zpseegrup1r.png]

[Image: 2017-03-16_16.34.41_zpsbw22fupj.png]

[Image: 2017-03-16_16.35.14_zpsxphcf8mp.png]

Which then leads to our industrial area with the auto smelter, autofarm and the villager/iron farm.
[Image: 2017-03-16_16.31.36_zpswuu9a0vl.png]

[Image: 2017-03-16_16.33.00_zpsnfxark9f.png]

which also houses or council of Trades.
[Image: 2017-03-16_16.33.48_zpssnyppzuj.png]
No guts, no glory. No legend, no story!
[Image: 8c8f3894bafc43fbb73c42ef52cc2907.png]

That's a fantastic shot!

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