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Winter Town
Come join us at Winter Town.

We are an up and coming town with some great builders, we are here to welcome anyone who is new to Towny, whether you want to mine, craft, enchant or farm we will take anyone. 
We are a winter town set in the mountains so any builds will need to follow a winter theme.
Our town stuff are contactable near on 24 hours a day through our personal Discord page for the town.
we have a few rules that are view-able on our discord.
if you would like to join us reply on here with your in-game name or contact us on the game it self and we will help anyway we can.
As i am myself a Mod on the game you are welcome to ask any questions whether you join Winter Town or not.

I hope to see you there, goodluck

Just an update on Wintertown due to the lack of townies we have decided to rebuild and repopulate so if you like to build come join us we are trying to create the biggest and best town/city on the server.

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