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Ban Appeal
I did use an X-ray texture pack and I apologize for it. You had the complete right to ban me and I deserved it. I also do not deserve to be allowed back on the server but I had such a great time playing with my friends on the towny and meeting the amazing people on the server. I have deleted the texture pack and I am just asking if you would unban me. I completely understand if you say no, and if you do say no I will not contact you anymore about unbanning me. It's just I had such a great time and the other towny servers are kind of boring and there are so many people it isn't fun. This server had a great sense of community, and all of the staff and moderators were really kind. Except you of course.  [Image: heart.png] [Image: wink.png] 
We have decided to give you a second chance, it's obvious you're passionate about the server so I hope you've learned we're not the type to let rule breaking slide and we can move forward with you playing on the same level as others. Take note that you will be on probation, and any rule breaking may re-invoke your ban.

New ban duration: 7 days, expires Monday 15th May
Thankyou very much I greatly appreciate the second chance and I give you my word I will not break the rules again!

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