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Look back and month ahead - May to June
As we say goodbye to May and hello to June I want to provide you all with a little update on what's been going on at the server and what we have planned for the month ahead, along with some statistics that makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

In May we've had over 200 unique accounts logging into the server, around 70% of which are returning players. So a big welcome to all the new players and thank you to the ones that have been here longer and keep coming back. During this time there was a total of 1,417 votes across our 4 voting sites which equals to 7,085 crate keys being given out to our lovely players. We're also proud to say the server had a 99.8% uptime throughout the month, most downtime was due to the frequent maintenance breaks we hold to fix issues and add new features, which is always done during the quietest time of the day.

Our top player of the month goes out to Doommmyy who played a total of 329 hours, that's 329 keys simply from being on the server and he voted daily totalling around 620 keys, giving him a whopping 949 keys to spend, so close to that 1,000 mark Doomy, maybe next month. As a thank you for your dedication and activity throughout this month we'll be gifting you 1 of each lucky booster. 

To kick off the month ahead, we're changing the "Verdux crate" and replacing it with "Verums crate" which is hand picked rewards from the Owner to spice things up a bit, this crate will be available throughout June so make sure to check out the rewards when it goes live on June 1st.

In June we're looking to hopefully fix some issues lingering around the server such as the anti-cheat falling bug and the pvp arena chat bug, we're well aware that it can be annoying and we're working hard to get it fixed for you all, thank you for your patience with this.

Advertising will also be commencing soon to help drive in some new players. I know you've all been eager to invite some new players to your town so you can claim more land and build your own little community, on top of that you may have seen our poll on increasing the buy-able claims, due to the voting being relatively split on what you would like we have decided that it will be best to meet a middle ground increasing the buy-able limit from 50 to 150, note there is still a possibility of a further increase in the future. 

As some of you may be aware, Minecraft 1.12 is just around the corner and I can confirm we will be upgrading the server to 1.12 but when this will happen is unknown, we need to make sure all our plugins work before we upgrade, so there's no set date for this but don't worry, it will happen!

Additionally we will be adding more stuff to the store soon, a bunch of new decoration packs and disguise packs will be coming and perhaps even some bulk deals to save you a bit of money. 

Thank you all for your continued support, you make this community so great and I really enjoy the friendly welcome that all our new players are getting. I can safely say we have the best community on Minecraft and it just keeps on growing. I look forward to the month ahead with you all!

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