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Guide to the world of Boosters
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
To all the new folk out there, this guide will cover the ins and outs of what you need to know in relation to the plugin Boosters. 
Basic Commands:
There are a few useful commands Booster provides, the first being simply /booster. This brings up a gui where you can view an item representing each of the three categories of boosters; vanilla, mcmmo, and jobs. If you click on one of the items, it will bring you to a second gui which will have the item you clicked on representing a "normal" booster and a lucky block representing a "lucky" one. (We will cover the difference later). Hover over one to view how many you own, and if you want to go back, simply hit the back button.To activate one, click the icon, and then in the next gui confirm it. There can be one of each of the three categories of boosters active at once. 

The second command we will cover is /booster time. This is a gui that looks very similar to the first one. What this gui does is tell you if a booster is activated or not, and the duration + owner (and in the case of a lucky booster, whatever is the lucky thing) whenever you hover over it. The duration + owner (and lucky) part is also included in /booster for those who don't feel like typing the extra word.

The third command is /booster thank. There are a few times you will always be alerted to a booster being activated, when it is first activated and 30 seconds following you logging in. After the activation, you will receive a reminder every 15 minutes if you have yet to thank for that booster. You can click the green "thank" in the message to thank for each individual booster, or do /booster thank to thank all boosters at once. By thanking, you receive exp you can later redeem. The exp you get for mcmmo is in relation to your power level (the sum of all your skill levels), for jobs your total job level (sum of all job levels), and vanilla is your number of advanced achievements viewable by /aach list. Whenever you thank, the booster owner gets the same amount of exp as you did, making it most profitable to activate boosters during a busy time period.

The next command is /booster exp. This basic command tells you how much experience you have in each of the three categories. To redeem the exp, do /booster exp {skill/job/vanilla} {amount}, replacing skill with the mcmmo skill you want the exp to go to and job with the job you want the exp to go to. Please note you must be in a job to redeem exp for it.

Difference between Lucky and Normal:
Normal boosters are available for a lower price in the shop than their lucky counter part. These boosters give you 3 times experience: for mcmmo you will get triple exp in all skills, vanilla will make all mobs and ores drop triple exp (excluding the ender dragon), and jobs will give three times exp and double money. They last for 3 hours.

Lucky boosters are a bit more expensive but they are well worth the extra cash. The first difference is an extra 2 hours in duration, giving you 5 hours of triple exp. But what makes them most unique is the "lucky" feature. A lucky mob, skill, or job (corresponding to the booster type) will be chosen at random (only certain mobs can be lucky) and that will give 5 times experience, making it a fun race for those custom enchants, /mctop or leveling a bit in your profession. 

If there was anything I did not cover or was unclear, please let me know and I will address it!
Thanks for reading, Diamond.

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