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Staff Application
Name: Thomas
In-game Name: doommmyy
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Time played: 940
Time Zone: UTC +00:00

Why i want to become a staff member:
I have spent the last few months religiously playing on this server almost exclusively, and after some consideration i have decided i would like to take on a more permanent and useful role in this community. There have been occasions where i have witnessed cheaters in action and players repeatedly abusing others with hate speech, some of these instances were in the absence of any staff members so it could not be stopped before it went too far, i would love to be able to be there to solve these occurrences as they happen in order to maintain the integrity of the family i'm proud to be a part of. Verdux Gaming is more than just a Minecraft server for me, both the server itself and the community that comes along with it are the two main reasons i get up in the morning.

Staff Experience:
Although i have never been a member of staff on any other server before, i feel like i have been carrying out a large part of the job that staff have for a long time already, i frequently help out and have come to be the person most people ask about problems and specific commands when higher powers are absent. 
Even though i have no experience i know how to use common sense, and i know being a staff member comes with a huge responsibility to not abuse the position, i know this fact as well as the consequences for failing to live up to the high standards that the current staff team are held to.

Experience with plugins:
Due to my extensive playtime i have become very familiar with most of the plugins used on the server, in most cases i can recite commands from memory, and as previously stated i have become a fountain of knowledge for many players, I feel this demonstrates the level at which i understand the current plugins in use.

Final comments:
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through my ramblings and I hope there are great things ahead of Verdux Gaming and the community that has been created from it.  Heart

P.S. Thank you James for letting me steal your application layout
He is also on of our most outstanding Goldwick members and often arranges tours or member recruitment.
No guts, no glory. No legend, no story!

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