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June-July The Great Laptop Fire of 2017
With June now behind us, one of the quieter months of the year due to all the deadlines and exams you lovely people have been through, I hope you all did amazing and good luck to any results you're waiting on. Despite the hectic time for you all we still had an impressive 200 unique joins this month, which is amazing so thank you all.

During June we had an amazing 1,144 votes across the 4 voting options which is an outstanding amount for such a quiet month, that's a lot of keys spun on the crates, I hope you all got a chance to win something nice before the crate changes out after this post.

July Sale, throughout July there will be a 30% off everything sale, been thinking about picking up a rank to get access to them angel wings? Now's the time!

Additionally, starting now and ending Monday 3rd July, every purchase of a "Decorations" pack will come with a free booster, each pack will have a booster assigned to it but what one you get won't be revealed till it's been purchased, take your luck or ask others, see which ones you can work out. Great way to decorate your towns and get a little bonus experience at the same time.

We're still working on the progress to 1.12 but this has been slow due to The Great Laptop Fire of 2017 which I want to thank you all for, the money you raised to help me get a new computer just blew my mind, the building of the computer is still underway but has had a few setbacks with faulty parts, I will be sure to post up when we have it fully working.

Thank you all for your continued support and a big welcome to all the new players we've got recently, some outstanding additions to our lovely community, it's been a delight to see the Freakshow full of new names.

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